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Audio and video presentations by GNU Telephony members.


GNU Hackers Meeting in Paris, 2011

GNU Free Call—a healthnet of cars and cell phones (Haakon Meland Eriksen)

GNU Free Call is a new project to develop and deploy secure self-organized communication services worldwide for private use and for public administration. The focus of this talk is the continuation of emergency medical services even when existing infrastructure is no longer available or has been deliberately disabled using GNU Free Call to create a healthnet of cars and cell phones.



Harvard, 2010

Communication Privacy For Free Societies (David Sugar)

David Sugar spoke at Harvard on his work on creating free (as in freedom) secure telephony software built around the ZRTP stack and GNU SIP Witch, for direct public use. Unfortunately the very beginning seems to have been missed. It seems to pick up right as he was making a point about the first amendment not being meant to protect "popular" speech, which, by definition, generally requires no special protections, but rather to protect unpopular speech.



Scale/8x, 2010

Communication Privacy for a Free Society (David Sugar)

Secure free as in freedom and free as in cost real-time communications for everyone.



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