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We can be contacted by email if you wish to leave feedback and on irc #bayonne at We also have the following mailing lists:


All software available from or used in GNU Telephony is licensed as free software. Many of our software packages are distributed as part of the GNU Project. Most of the packages we provide and use are licensed using the GNU General Public License and we are in the process of migrating all of our packages to the GNU GPL Version 3 or later.

Downloads available through GNU Telephony include both source tarballs and pre-built RPM packages. The pre-built RPM packages may be installed with YUM or similar tools common on RPM based GNU/Linux distributions. The source packages we provide and use generally are OS independent.

The download section is being reorganized, so it will be awhile before all files become available again.


All our API documentation is created with doxygen. All newer libraries use the Javadoc autobrief style. For convenience we have various doxygen generated API documentation available online here:


  • Package home pages for some of our packages
  • redirects from other sites and resources to here
  • bug tracking...bugzilla - hosting issues? Savannah?
  • adding home link to packages and download list
  • adding descriptions for other packages
  • building news up
  • multi-lingual?


Related Projects

These include other projects I am involved in, or that relate to/use GNU Telephony.

GNU Enterprise - Free enterprise software

GNU Gatekeeper - We use for H.323 call server

GNU oSIP - We use for SIP support

GNU Project - Well, this seemed obvious to add :)

Hipatia - Sponsoring Free Knowledge & Culture

Other Projects

Astmasters - Macintosh Asterisk community

FreeSwitch - a new PBX project

hikaye - Hikaye

Open PBX - a free community fork of Asterisk

PBX Freeware - various add-ons for Asterisk and OpenPBX - open source DSP and telephony driver software

Vox Gratia - News portal and home of OPAL

Yate Project - Telephony engine

SIPFoundry - SIP Foundry open-source SIP based PBX

VoIP User - VoIP User - community funded gateway facilities

Commercial Vendors

Antisip - Commercial support for GNU oSIP/eXosip

Telephonyware - I buy some stuff here

Tycho Softworks - Commercial Bayonne/GNU Telephony support - Reseller of VoIP equipment, worldwide shipping

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