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This page contains news about the GNU Telephony software. Currently this is mostly release news, but any news that is relevant to the wider GNU Telephony community may be added here.

  • LibrePlanet 2012 Schedule - David will be speaking about GNU Telephony at 1145am, room U02-2551, on Saturday March 24th at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Please follow link in case of updates to schedule and how to get there.
  • GNU SIP Witch configuration - update. Trying to explain Realm better, among other things.
  • GNU SIP Witch 1.2.3 is now available. New in 1.2.*
    • New options for sipwitch
      • dump - shows effective configuration
      • policy - print access policy list and peering (published) address.
    • Support for usercache functionality.
    • Revised manpages
    • Obscure parsing bug fixed.
    • Fix for cpu loading with subscriber plugin.
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